Introduction to plant-based cheeses

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Introduction to the world of plant-based cheeses for both amateurs or professionals who want to know more and start having a starting overview of the theme.

You will learn basics of theory, techniques, ingredients, materials, tools and methodologies.

The course includes three recipes.

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Plant-based milk and fresh cheeses.

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Plant-based milk is a fundamental aspect that ensures the success of plant-based cheeses.

In this monographic course you will learn basic theoretical foundations, as well as processes for producing different plant-based milks to be used in all your future preparations.
Different bases and ingredients lead to different results.

The course also includes a section dedicated to fresh plant-based cheeses.

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Mold-ripened cheeses

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This specific monographic course focuses on the fascinating world of mold-ripened cheeses using traditional bacterias and molds but 100% plant-based .

Learn how to use starter cultures and edible molds of different types to create amazing products.

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Advanced techniques, processes and methodologies of plant-based cheese-making

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Advanced course that aims at illustrating fundamental theoretical concepts regarding plant-based cheese making.

We will analyze the different raw materials that are used as a basis for the products, their compositions, bacteria, molds, yeasts, enzymes and the chemistry behind them and their relation.

Notions of fermentation, ageing and conservation of our products.

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Complete and professionalizing training course

(Not Available)

Complete and professionalizing training course, for both professionals of the food industry and aspiring professionals who want to gain the necessary knowledge to start their own business.

The course includes all the monographic courses of this website, plus important insights with experts of this industry.

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